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UPDATE: FIleMaker Server 12.0v6 released

FileMaker Inc announced today the release of an update for FileMaker Server 12 (standard and advanced) that brings the version to 12.0v6: more info here.

The main benefit of this update appears to be compatibility with Mac OS X v10.9 "Mavericks". If you're using FileMaker Server 12 on a hardware running Mac OS X v10.9, you should download and install the update.


Shortcuts to your FileMaker databases

I spend a lot of time in my FileMaker Pro databases, and I know many of my clients do, too. When you're opening and closing the same databases a dozen times a day, it's nice to have time-saving shortcuts to those files.

There are basically two ways to create a shortcut. You can save the file as a "Favorite" inside FileMaker Pro; or you can save it as a shortcut or alias on your operating system desktop.

FileMaker "Favorites" To save the file as a Favorite inside FileMaker Pro, first open the database. Then, in FileMaker Pro 13's menu, go to File > Open Favorite > Add Current File to Favorites. From that point on, the file will be in your favorites list and you can open it by using the same "Open Favorite" menu.

Favorites are terrifically handy and I encourage you to give them a try.

Creating a shortcut/alias on your desktop or in your OS X Dock
It's just a little trickier to save the file as an alias on your desktop or (on a Mac) in …