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"Daypack Data" — What's in a name?

Shakespeare's Juliet says,
What's in a name? That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet.Well, okay, if you are just talking about smell. But "rose" sounds a lot better than phlegm. And when you name a company, you have to think about these things. We've ended up with a name — "Daypack Data" — that we think smells pretty sweet, and sounds good, too.

But the final name didn't just pop into my head. About a year ago, when I started thinking about a name for my new company, I knew I wanted something that conveyed the idea that we build (relatively) compact, light-weight systems for small businesses. Since I like to hike, I fairly quickly started thinking about hiking-related names.

One of my first ideas was "Backpack Data" or perhaps "Backpack Data Tools."

One problem with Backpack is that it's a very common word. Students from kindergarten through graduate school wear backpacks. Backpa…